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HTML to PDF is the easiest way to convert web pages, HTML to PDF. It can quickly and accurately transforms well-formed HTML into superb PDF. Since HTML to PDF runs on your server, the end-user doesn't need any software. This PDF Creator is the right product for your to convert HTML into high quality PDF reports. Using. HTML to PDF supports automatic adjustment of fonts to fit typical page sizes, column headings in tables are carried over to multiple pages, and headers and footers are supported when converting dynamic web pages. It also supports cascading style sheets and nested tables, and even preserves HTML hyperlinks in the PDF document itself.

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HTML to PDF Converter Key Features

* Easy to use
Convert One File: Right-click the HTML file (.htm or .html) and select Convert to PDF from the shortcut menu.

* Convert a batch of Files
Simply drag the HTML files you want to convert to the file list, or paste URLs directly, and click the Convert to PDF and Save as button. HTML to PDF would re-create your files or Web pages as fully-formatted PDF files.

* Accurate
HTML to PDF Converter accurately retains the layout of the original HTML file. It converts text into over 100 languages, and separates graphics from tables and text.

* Save Time
Handle a batch of files or URLs at a time;
Get the job done in seconds or minutes.

* Save Money
HTML to PDF is a standalone program. It does NOT require Adobe Acrobat Pro, which costs hundreds of dollars.

Why convert PDF to WordWhy you need to convert HTML to PDF?

HTML to PDFSometimes you may read that pdf is better than html and violent appeals to convert pdf pages to html. Sometimes there appears information that one must convert html pages to pdf due to the higher quality of the latter. Let's clarify the situation.

The two formats serve different purposes. PDF (Portable Document Format) was designed for materials with complex visual designs. PDF files are usually of high design fidelity and typographic control. PDF files always look exactly the same despite the browsers you use. PDF files are not very convenient to read if you have a small screen, so you have to scroll around the window all the time. In addition, copying text from a PDF file is very difficult, as sidebar text is included, and selections cannot cross page breaks.

Most people find it sensible to print from PDF, just not read it on their computer. To deal with information viewable in a browser it's more preferable to use files of HTML format. Still for many users it's a matter of taste. Those who are accustomed to PDF pages convert HTML to PDF despite of the applying advantages or disadvantages.

Tutorial: How to convert HTML to PDF?

Step 1: Download and install HTML to PDF Converter

convert HTML to PDF

Step 2: Click On "Create PDF From HTML Files "

Create PDF From HTML Files

Step 3: Select a HTML File to Create PDF

Create PDF

Step 4: Input the PDF Document Information

html to pdf conversion

Step 5: Save the PDF File


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